Set up branch in China

Product Sourcing

We have created more accurate industry maps to quickly match buyers’product needs with selected suppliers, including many high-quality suppliers who export products not directly but through trading companies.

We will also make necessary investigations and audits of potential suppliers. Comparing the production capacity and technical factors of the suppliers in the same industry, and even doing background survey to the factory owner, in order to screen out about five candidate suppliers.

We cooperate with logistics service providers to provide freight forwarding services and free transit warehouse services for purchasers, and they are all first-class service providers with lower costs and higher efficiency.

Three Party Contract

Industry Sector Research

Optional Supplier Verification

Basic Rule
If you buy products from China, the supplier must be a legally registered company in mainland China.

Why do you need to verify suppliers?
According to our years of anti-fraud experience, the vast majority of fraudsters will not use their real identity to register companies in mainland China. Instead, they will register in Hong Kong, the Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands or other areas, which can escape the supervision of the Chinese government.

Unfortunately, if you are not very experienced, you can hardly see this fact clearly. Even if it’s only very preliminary.

  • Legality of Mainland China Registration
  • Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Legal status
  • Owner’s Background
  • Offical bank account

Product Sample collection

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