Business Trip In China

Business trip in China

Visiting exhibitions or inspecting factories in person is always the very first step to launch import business for every buyer.

Our professional guiding team provide you with a journey full of safety, diversity and low cost. We keep you away from language barriers and possible frauds.

You will gain a great many valuable products and supplier information, while enjoying the journey of Chinese culture with fair expenses. Even when after the journey, we will still follow up any useful threads to your business on your behalf. You will get to know about your potential business partner face to face and gain a deeper insight into Chinese culture, which will encourage you look ahead at your import business with unprecedented confidence.

Your purpose of coming to China thousands of miles away

Visit Exhibitions
More than 1,000 exhibitions were held in mainland China and Hong Kong every year. Buyers from around the world look for business opportunities here.

Inspect Factories
A reliable factory is the first step to quality of products, and Chinese factories always need inspection before they can produce as required.

Experience China

Experience China, an ancient but yet modern country. To get to know the food, history and society will bring you great confidence to your import business.

Discover new Opportunities

China has become a leader in the world economy. New products, new services and new concepts are created here every day, especially the business model represented by the Internet revolution. Visiting China will help you discover new opportunities in this era.


We will perfect your business trip in China

  • Business guide. An experienced and fluent English-speaking guide will bring you a pleasant trip.
  • Supplier audit. We check out each supplier to ensure authenticity and reliability.
  • Transportation. We transport you to all parts of China by air, high-speed rail and official cars.
  • Accommodations. Global chains or luxury hotels bring you safety and hygiene.
  • Chinese cuisine and rich local flavors will indulge you to appreciate the charm of the East.
  • Relax and experience Chinese culture as well as enjoying entertainment and leisure.