GreatBay International | Trade Risk Control
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Trade Risk Control

Trade risk control

China is the largest exporter and the second largest importer in the world. Enterprises from many countries hope to import high-quality products in China’s huge market.However, in international trade, there is uncertainty in demand and supply between supply chain cooperation, so there will be trade risk problems such as asymmetric supplier information, finance, transportation, product quality, contract breach and so on. With nearly ten years of experience in the foreign trade industry and the world’s leading trade partners, HiGlobal has formed a complete risk prevention system, which can reduce and avoid trade risks more scientifically and effectively for our valued members, and win better and longer term development prospects for you.


  •  Provide quality assurance through authoritative cooperation
    We cooperate with the most authoritative laboratories and enterprises in China to enhance the investigation of supplier information and improve the quality standards of products and services.
  • Build honest cooperation through online monitoring
    We develop an online platform for your project to standardize information exchange, visualize progress, digitize business, and encourage partners to coordinate with each other in an honest and flexible manner to ensure smooth cooperation process.
  •  Strengthen supply chain channel management
    In order to ensure the stability of product supply, we actively and scientifically develop multiple supply channels, give full play to the advantages of cooperation and select the most valuable partners for you.
  • Legal services provide support
    Through many years of experience in the foreign trade industry, we have established a complete legal safeguard system to protect our customers from the risk of breach of contract and fraud.