GreatBay International | GBI Group China
We support worldwide business clients import products from China safely and efficiently with professionalism and innovation, and develop these brands and products for sale in the huge Chinese consumer market.
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GBI is a China based solution provider for companies who are importing from China or interested in Chinese market, and it transformed from trading on 9 years of industry experience.

We guarantee safe, profitable and efficient trade for our clients. We rely on responsible experts and innovative concept and to drive the growth of our clients’ business with unique strategy, help them achieve success in Chinese market.

We supported med-large companies who are facing complex problems in their product projects,and we are confident to help the start-ups business grow into a lifetime partner.

Our mission is providing clients with world-class product procurement management and Chinese market strategies.

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In-Depth Services

Our services have penetrated into diversify business, including  development of new product, procurement, warehousing, logistics, packaging, e-commerce, distribution, negotiation, legal protection and many more.>>Read More

Solutions With Impact

With practical experiences and knowhow, the solutions that our experts designed guarantee clients a safe, efficient and obviously profitable business, bring a positive impact on purchasing and selling in China accessible.>>Read More

Cases Study

Our solutions simplify your complex import projects, whether you are a buyer who intends to purchase products from China or you have encountered problems in purchasing.  >>Read More


Medium and large global import business owner supported.


Containers of products exported to more than 23 countries.


Days saving for clients to enjoy life with their families.

Our Mission

Providing global clients with world-class product procurement management and Chinese market strategies.