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Import and Export

GreatBay Industrial(GBI) is a China based solution provider for companies who are importing from China or interested in Chinese market, and it transformed from trading on 9 years of industry experience.

We guarantee safe, profitable and efficient trade for our clients. We rely on responsible experts and innovative concept and to drive the growth of our clients’ business with unique strategy, help them achieve success in Chinese market.

Still Take risk on import and export in China?
Suffer inefficient process management?
Attracted by China’s potential market?
International trade solutions

The high-quality and inexpensive Chinese-made products make people in different regions of the world to share the fruits of China’s industrial development at a lower cost. A variety of products satisfy everyone’s desire for a better life.


No matter where you are in the world, if your products have regional characteristics or excellent quality, we are glad to take you to share the Chinese market, the world’s largest consumer market.


For import or export, we have made a sufficient industrial chain layout for these product businesses, including production testing, quality control, warehousing and logistics, intellectual property protection, and legal protection.

Experience is not only the accumulation of time, we go deep into the details of import and export to improve or innovate. We pay attention to product quality, trade safety, client experience, and build a bridge between excellent products and the consumer market.


Years of Experience

Our mission

Provide our global clients with world-class procurement strategies and product solutions to help grow their import and export business.