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We maximize your efforts to source the best products at lowest cost and meet your local demand.
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Who we are ?

Located in the Greater Bay Area of China and armed with a decade long experience in International Business, HiGlobal has evolved to develop a long-term relationships with small and medium enterprises around the world.

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, organizations face new and more complex risks. Challenges such as economic volatility, regulatory change and digital disruption demand new ways to measure, manage and respond to risk.

Our services range from identifying and assessing the potential for cost reductions through strategic sourcing and optimising your supply chain in China. Through our expert sourcing team we not only help you maximize your efforts to source the best products at lowest possible cost but also at most efficient and timely manner to meet your local demand.

Our unique solutions drive your growth in your domestic market and also we help you with legal consulting to set your own brand right here in China and develop your brand in the burgeoning China market.

Our mission is to provide global clients with world-class product solutions and Chinese market strategies, so that their products and brands cross national boundaries and industries.

Integrity, professionalism and responsibility, these are at the core of our strategy today.
Integrity is inherent, Professionalism means becoming an expert, Responsibility inspires us to challenge the unknown world.

- Jijun Wong, One of the founders