Frequently Asked Questions

You may need to learn FAQ here before working with us. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Why do I need a sourcing agent as my assistant help me importing from China?

Our employees are all from the foreign trade industry. We know how difficult it is for a purchaser to find a supplier worthy of long-term cooperation in China. Usually they will encounter these problems:
1. I don’t know how to find the reliable one from the mass supplier information of Alibaba and Global Source.
2. Understanding the industry chain of purchasing products, because controlling cost and quality is only a wish.
3. When an order has multiple suppliers, payment, transportation, transit and warehousing are cumbersome.
4. The sample is different from the final product because you can’t re-inspect the goods before shipment.
5. When trade fraud occurs, as a foreign company, you can not protect your rights and interests through legal means.
6. Industry changes, new product launches, China’s tax policies, which have an impact on your orders, you will not know.

2. Is the sourcing agent a person or a company more professional?

To be honest, hundreds of individuals in China are doing purchasing agency business, even though their websites are as attractive as their looks. But you must know that the project you import can not be completed by one person. A person can easily create or abandon a business. What you need is a long-term stable partner. Especially when there is a crisis, someone is willing to take responsibility.

3. What is HiGlobal company's greatest advantage over other sourcing agents?

1. Flexible but regular charging mode. Whether your order value is $10,000 or $1,000,000, the cost will be reduced.
2. Standardized workflow to make your communication with us more efficient. Efficiency means saving time and precision. That’s money.
3. Team cooperation with clear division of labor, you will get at least three staff team support, namely order operator, local purchaser, customer support specialist.
4. Creative content production.  We create articles, videos and audio by taking photos, videos, interviews and surveys every week and month. It will help you passively understand the industry knowledge.

4. Why do I have to pay basic service fee when we pay commission?

You should know that if only Commission is charged, the Commission will usually be 3% – 8% of the order value. And because there is no service charge, there will be a lot of invalid inquiries which will increase the cost, and eventually this part of the cost will be transferred to the cooperative customers, which we do not want to see. So we charge a basic service fee and then reduce the Commission substantially. In fact, the higher the order amount, the more favorable the customers will be.

5. If I think the total service cost is a little high, can we discuss reducing it?

I believe you have understood that the total cost consists of basic service fee and commission.

The basic service fee is an affirmation of our team’s work before order confirmation, and it is also a part of the company’s basic operating cost, which can not be reduced.

As for commission, the company’s profits are all from commission. We are not willing to increase the unacceptable cost of customers, long-term cooperation will bring profits, customers will make money, we will make money, so if your order value is large enough, we can negotiate a lower commission.

6. What kind of surveys will you do about suppliers?

We use the internet, legal advisers, and employ third parties to investigate suppliers.

1. Copies of all company registration documents
2. Take photos or videos on the spot
3. Investigate the legal status of the company
4. Investigate the company’s lawsuit records
5. Investigate the company’s industry background and the owner’s background.
6. Production status, capacity and delivery date.

7. What are the principles for selecting suppliers?

We will make a detailed survey of suppliers and send you supplier reports. We will not decide which supplier to choose for you without your authorization, because it is reasonable that every factory can exist. Just like between husband and wife, it’s hard to say that a man is worthless and no woman will choose him. Each factory has its own characteristics and should choose the right one, not necessarily the lowest price.

For example, a family workshop factory has problems similar to environmental pollution, illegal employment and tax evasion, but the price is very low; another listed company’s factory, with standardized management and stable development, the price will be higher.

More factories are in the middle of the above two, depending on how you weigh them, the decision is yours, and we are happy to help you decide.

8. Why should HiGlobal company be a third party in my purchase contract?

If you accept HiGlobal as your purchasing agent in China, you should specify HiGlobal as a third party in your purchasing contract with your supplier. In this way, the supplier will also recognize the legal relationship with HiGlobal and will be bound by their actions. When trade fraud occurs, HiGlobal will have the right to negotiate with the supplier in your name.

We recommend that you adopt the HiGlobal Standard Purchasing Contract, which stipulates many after-sales service issues.

9. What should I do in case of trade fraud?

If you didn’t sign a tripartite contract with the supplier, HiGlobal can’t help you legally.
If you did, when the product has problems, please take photos immediately, video better, and detailed description of the problem, sent to us, we will immediately negotiate with the supplier, if necessary, we will send a lawyer letter or even litigation to the supplier. If it is the supplier’s responsibility, most of the time, the supplier will reconcile.

10. I plan to visit China and inspect factories by the way. Can you arrange for me?

By the way.
The rich experience of hosting global visitors tells me that you really should let us arrange business trips for you. Many visitors spend the wrong money in China, but they don’t enjoy real travel.

You just need to tell us when you plan to arrive and leave China. We will arrange for you airplanes, high-speed trains, hotels, food, car rental and other matters. In addition to attending exhibitions and visiting factories, we also hope you understand some Chinese culture, of course, tourism is indispensable.

You need to fill in the Personal Preferences Questionnaire so that we can know your preferences accurately. You will enjoy this journey in China more.