Global Partner Plan

Global Partnership Plan

It’s part of our uniquely designed distributed office platform where we can get an opportunity to learn, work and grow our business worldwide through establishing key strategic partnerships throughout the world. HiGlobal would like to invite you to be a part of our global partnership programme where you have the flexibility to work at your own convenience, keep your full time regular job and still contribute to our growth and get the best return for your time and efforts.

Our Expectations

  • You can stay in your own country with your family and continue to work in your full time jobs.
  • Once you have decided to cooperate with us you can visit out Head Office in Zhuhai to know our business, services, offerings and know the people and company work culture afterwards you can choose if you want to stay here in Zhuhai or want to return to your country.
  • You’re expected to come for bi-annual meetings at the head office which will last for 2-4 weeks.
  • There will be a one to one video meeting each month to discuss the challenges and opportunities.
  • You’re expected to focus on developing the clients, brand promotion and client relationship while our backend team will work on the execution of the projects for your clients.
  • As an equal opportunity provider we strongly believe in sharing equal opportunities with everyone, you’re free to do client pros.
  • You’ll expected to provide your complete profile, a short video, copy of your passport.
  • Company will provide you with business cards, brochure, promotion materials etc.
  • We have the most innovative high-end HPO (HiGlobal Project Online) platform where any of our client can go online and check the progress of his project anytime, anywhere.
  • You will be assigned one private purchasing assistant who will help you to execute the project for your client.
  • Anytime if we receive any new enquiry from any potential client from your country we will pass his details to you to follow up.
  • Promotion of your assigned territory, your ideas and you on our social media platform and other promotional channels

Your Returns       

  • We have a fair, transparent and honest compensation package to reward you for your efforts as we strongly believe in sharing the profits for our mutual growth.
  • You’ll be paid 20% of the membership fees (for first time clients) and 30% of the membership fees for subsequent years.