GreatBay International | Ideas and Outputs
We establish low carbon office and encourage mama's return, connecting Chinese factories and Chinese market for global clients who are doing products business.
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Ideas and Outputs

The Ideas

Our Vision

To be the most valuable solution provider in the field of international trade

Our Mission

Connecting Chinese factories and Chinese market for global clients who are doing products business.

Our Values

At HiGlobal, there are three core values to which we live by:


We strictly abide by professional ethics, keep business secrets, refuse improper returns and keep objective and fair.


The ultimate pursuit of various fields makes us become experts quickly. Professional focus is not only a commitment to customers, but also a self growth.


We are committed to long-term cooperation, attach importance to long-term benefits, dare to challenge unknown areas, so as to fully meet the wishes of employees, customers and partners.

Rich Outputs





Community Responsibility

Low Carbon Office

The Chinese government has made up its mind to deal with the environmental pollution caused by heavy industry. In higlobal, each of us has not stood idly by.

We need a good office environment, but we don’t want to hurt the natural environment. We recycle waste materials as office decoration materials, use wood or bamboo instead of glass curtain wall, use renewable resources for printing paper, give up the convenience of disposable tableware and choose our own tableware, and even set the countdown of computer screen protection to only 3 minutes.

When environmentalism is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, we will be very proud of our efforts.

Mama’s Return

In today’s China, which is intertwined with traditional culture and modernization, the age of 30 has become a turning point in the life of women in the workplace. Setting up a family to raise children means that women need to leave the workplace for 5 years, and some of them have no chance to return to work.

Especially the women who used to be salesmen of international trade, they have rich professional knowledge and experience, but they have no chance to show their talents.

At HiGlobal, we encourage “Mom” to join us and provide them with workplace convenience. During the lactation period, they can get 2 hours of free time every day. Children can play in the exclusive entertainment area of the office after school from kindergarten. We provide safety and fun. Every month, we also hold a personal line-up and a large number of outdoor activities.

Responsibility is our commitment to our customers, as well as our commitment to our families and children.