How We Pricing

We serve clients

Base on


  • We focus on controlling trade risks and creating new opportunities, which are clearly not needed by small buyers operating in Amazon.
  • Friendly to medium-large buyers. Annual membership means that there is a cap on fees. The more imports, the lower the cost.
  • Appropriate basic service charges and avoidance of invalid inquiries make us focus on providing premium services to our members.

Import form China

It’s our goal to provide valuable solutions and strategies to global clients without increasing their costs. The trial package may be a way to test the professionalism and effectiveness of our services.

US$ 4,800/year + 1.2% Order Commission


US$ 599 One month trial package

Selling in China

We adhere to the principle of long-term cooperation, minimize the direct costs of customers, and help clients see the return on investment, so that we share the benefits.

US$ 15,800 Consulting fee + profit sharing

The service fee of this solution will fluctuate according to the product project. Please contact our consultant.