Why Work With GBI

HiGlobal is the most professional and forward-looking consulting company providing product solutions and China’s market development strategy. We purchase products from China safely, efficiently and cheaply for global customers, and introduce their brands and special products into China to share the largest consumer market in the world.

Our Solutions

Solution of Import from China

We will find the most suitable suppliers based on your requirement and manage supply chain from collecting samples, testing performance, quality control to International carrier. What’s more, in order to fulfill their business goal for some innovated buyers, we provide ample production technology support to new product development. In addition, we also conduct factory audit, procedure supervision and tripartite trade system, to keep buyers away from frauds and dispute in trade business.

Choose the part of your import business that is in trouble, explore our wide range of uniquely integrated importing solutions, and find the one that will help save your time, resources and money while delivering real operational efficiency.

Solution for develop China market

China has been and will continue to be the biggest consumer market in the world. If your products or brands have succeeded in your local market, why don’t you import them into China? Whether your products are made in China or local specialties in your country, Chinese consumers have strong demand of them with the rapidly growing economy.

HiGlobal has made it easier for you. With our support, you can invest Chinese factory and set up Chinse branches and promote your products on Chinse Internet. With the combination of online sales and distributions of multiple channels, you can make some achievements in the great Chinese market.

Our Experience

•  Our core professionals have an average of more than 15 years of experience in product import and export. In addition, experts from product, legal, supply chain and other departments support them to serve every customer.

•  We help more than 300 product projects grow like baby rearing, not only to help them import products from China, but also to successfully develop the Chinese market for some of them.

•  A large number of our resources are concentrated in the field of personal and household consumer goods, which can play a more cost-effective role.

Our Tenet

•  Serve clients with less service fees and profit sharing, no hidden costs, and aim to develop long-term cooperation.

•  Unlimited communication time and workload with clients.

•  All core resource information, implementation process and results are transparent.

Our Values

At HiGlobal, there are three core values to which we live by:


We strictly abide by professional ethics, keep business information confidential, and strictly prohibit receiving the financial returns from partners, so as to maintain the fairness of consulting services.


The ultimate pursuit of various fields makes us become experts quickly. Professional focus is not only a commitment to customers, but also a promotion of our own growth.


We tend to have long-term relationships and pursue long-term profits. In addition to performing the services we currently need, we show a sense of responsibility for future development.