This is our HiGlobal family, and happy birthday to Jimina!

This is our HiGlobal family. And yesterday is Jimina’s birthday.

The sudden coronavirus comes into our life accompanied by busyness. There are dozens and hundreds of inquiries for us to sourcing every day. It may be just a small episode during the epidemic, but we will never forget. It attaches so much significance, which witnesses our strives. We talked about the development of the HiGlobal, talked about the projects we completed, and talked about the joy we felt when we received customers’ appreciation. We have helped so many businesses and individuals import medical supplies that our topics every day are PPE, suppliers, customs clearance, shipping, and so on. That’s what we love to do. I mean, It’s never too late to start a business. That’s an opportunity, it all depends on whether you take the chance or not. What will never change is that, we’ll be always here for you. 🙂

Happy birthday to Jimina!