Zenith Hygiene Group was established in 1996, it’s the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of cleaning and hygiene products. It belongs to Diversey and is part of Bain Capital, its major business sector was related in clean, safe and hygienic products. The sales turnover of Zenith was around Sixty-five million in 2018. Mr. Bakhtiar, with 23 years of experience to import from China, the purchaser director from Zenith would like to tell you more about their import story.

Zenith Hygiene Group provide the disposable cutlery and hygiene products for the Walmart ,Tesco and the big chains like Macdonald’s and holiday inn with big volumes, in 2018 ,the UK market start to resist the plastic products , so they have to looking for  alternative solution of their supply chain ,they have created the idea of replace all of the plastic products with environmental free bamboo products .


  • 2019.04.20 We received the first inquiry from Mr. Bakhtiar Hanan and got to know that he will coming to Caton Fair on 23rd, April.
  • 2019.4.24 We met Mr. Bakhtiar in Guangzhou and collected the product samples of customer needs from the Canton fair.
  • 2019.4.25 We did the market research and proving the rough supplier report with customer requirements.
  • 2019.4.26-4.27 We scheduled 4 factory visits and provide client with the basic knowledge of the industry of bamboo products.
  • 2019 .5.19 We confirmed the formal quotation and supplier report to Mr. Bakhtiar.
  • 2019.6.10-6.18 We schedule and arrange the whole trip which come across 3 province ,8 cities, and 5000 miles, we have been confirmed the all product details and achieved the prices with our budget within this trip.
  • 2019.7.13-7.20 We collected all the samples from supplier with customer specifications.
  • 2019.7.20-7.31 We have confirmed all the packaging designs for the client.
  • 2019.8.10 The clients released the first order for the bamboo tissues.


  1. We saved the more than ten thousand Pounds for the entire project.
  2. We help the client to achieve the success of their project from idea to the production, our service has been covered from product sourcing, factory audit, price negotiation, business trip guiding to order fulfill.
  3. We communicate with multiple suppliers and delivery the customer requirements while the client saves a lot of time on the negotiation .
  4. Tripartite contracts to protect the customer rights and interest, we can represent for the clients to asking for compensation if any quality problem occur.

Project Name

Environmental free bamboo products


Zenith Hygiene Group


Halesowen, England


Bamboo tissue, cotton buds, bamboo cutlery, bamboo straws


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