Background of the client

Ofimax S.A.& Kelten S.A are brother company, both companies specialize in office supplies and electronic products which covers printers, game consoles, thermal printers, earphones and speakers, they are medium enterprise in Uruguay which purchased from China for 15 years .

Ofimax & Kelten was running the business of the office supplies before , but nowadays the competition of the office supplies was become more and more hard , their profit was decreased a lot ,while they are hoping to expand to a new range of their business to gaming and computer peripherals .


2019.4.29-4.30 Mr. Alvaro and Mrs. Virginia coming China for Canton Fair, we had a meeting with them and arrange the factory visit of printer consumables.

2019.05.03 We received the first inquiry from the client.

2019.05.06 We finished the market research and providing the supplier and factory audit report to the clients.

2019.05.20 We collected the samples from 6 factories and make the sample consolidation to the clients.

2019.6.05 We have found the matched keyboard brand for the supplier.

2019.6.15 The client has been confirmed the order for the joystick, thermal printer, gaming console and TV boxes.

2019.7.15 All of the shipment has been delivered out from the supplier.

Purpose of this project

  1. As for a new range of the products, the clients would like to start with small quantity to test the market response, while most of the factories require the higher order quantity in China, we have to find the supplier which can carry with lower quantity as well as lower price.
  2. The clients would like to become the exclusive agent of the supplier brand products, while most of the supplier only works on OEM & ODM products, they even don’t have a brand, not to mention the brand image .
  3. Uruguay was a developing country which the clients looking for printer with very old version and lower cost of the printer consumables, most of the models the clients requested was stopped production.


Cases on Import from China