Beauty and care

Beauty and Personal care Trends

One of the purposes of beauty is to improve people’s mental state. Personal care and beauty products offer consumers the opportunity to pursue beauty. The pandemic has increased the amount of time people spend at home, and consumers are more meticulous about their beauty care procedures at home, and they don’t want to give up their beauty routine. By studying the current state of the individual market, we find that the four major consumer driving forces in the global beauty and personal care industry can be summarized into four points, namely,  health, value, technology, and social environment.


Health has always been one of the core of beauty, and the future of great health is the common direction pursued by all people. The beauty issues of stress and mental health are often discussed, which companies can seize to build their perception of beauty products by purposefully and systematically introducing their products into People’s Daily lives, providing protection and valuable purchasing decisions.


The epidemic has had an impact on various industries, among which the biggest reason is that it has affected consumers’ purchasing desire and purchasing power. In the three years since the outbreak of the COVID-19, people have strictly managed their economic expenditure and preferred products with high quality and convenience, which will stimulate a new round of adjustment of supply chain and enterprises in the industry.

Science and technology

Technology integration facilitates the relationship of trust between enterprises and consumers, and also brings information transparency between enterprises and suppliers. Thanks to this, more targeted customer service and supplier channel selection strategies are created.

Social environment

Ecological development has become the common goal of the world, and people tend to prefer green ecological products when they buy products. In addition, as consumers live in different environments, they also consider various cultural and ethical issues and expect to be fully protected. Thus businesses are expected to invest to diversify their customers and optimize consumer product buying.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a partner?

  • Changes in consumer lifestyles

As we mentioned above, today’s consumers embody the concept of green and sustainable development when choosing products, and they are willing to pay more money to buy sustainable personal care products. This brings you to the challenge of finding sustainable supply chain channels such as natural and biodegradable materials. Many large companies seek to meet sustainability goals such as reducing carbon emissions through supplier partnerships to meet consumer demand for environmentally friendly products.

  • Improve supply chain efficiency

For example, beauty care and personal care products are mostly paste and liquid, which are easy to be damaged and leak during transportation. In addition to suffering losses caused by product damage, enterprises also greatly reduce the satisfaction of consumers. There are two ways to solve this problem, one is to improve the product packaging, the other is to improve the shipping packing method.