Biodegradable Packing

Industry development background

Biodegradable plastic packaging refers to a product that can be degraded into low molecular weight substances by the secretions of living microorganisms themselves. According to FDA regulations, in addition to biodegradable plastics that can be used in food packaging, other packaging products such as photodegradable plastics or photobiodegradable packaging products do not meet the requirements.

This reflects the “white pollution” caused by plastic packaging materials. In order to solve the problem that plastic packaging products are difficult to degrade, entrepreneurs are looking for environmentally friendly packaging materials. This requires packaging materials not only to have good performance, but also to effectively reduce the amount of waste emissions, and to minimize the impact on the environment during the whole process of material extraction, preparation, use until waste and recycling. In recent years, international supply chain developers have developed biodegradable plastics and biomaterials, which has given a big boost to the biodegradable packaging industry.

International packaging information

According to the application field, the biodegradable packaging products currently include daily film, daily bag, such as household garbage bag, biological packaging film, fruit transparent box, foam products. And as market demand expansion, the overall industry profit growth space is very large. Here we will mention PLA polylactic acid, which can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under natural conditions after being discarded. At the same time, it has good physical characteristics such as flexibility and thermal stability. It can be speculated that PLA will be more widely used in the future. However, in the application of packaging materials, there are a lot of performance to further improve, such as barrier, degradation, so in the selection of suppliers, we need to pay attention to the relevant production process, to improve the competitiveness of good packaging materials.

Development status of the product industry

In recent years, many countries have introduced plastic restriction policies, among which the European Union has the most stringent environmental protection policies. Most provinces in China have also put forward corresponding management systems for plastic products, and formed a diversified system. At present, China’s biodegradable packaging products industry is in a state of full competition, with numerous suppliers and low industry concentration. From the point of view of international production, packaging degree of production capacity in China accounts for the highest proportion. China has become the world’s largest exporter of packaged goods as overseas demand growth picks up.

Matters needing attention when selecting suppliers

If you are a start-up or you do not know how to choose the right supplier in the Chinese market, here are some points to consider:

  • Does the company have the concept of ecological and environmental protection?
  • Does the company have technical equipment that can achieve high quality and multiple categories?
  • Whether the enterprise has a strong, stable supply capacity, whether it can guarantee the stability and excellence of customer product quality?
  • How well did the company work with its previous partners? Is there a risk situation again? What is the specific status of the test report on biodegradable materials?
  • Whether the enterprise product line is rich and can achieve one-stop, mass procurement services?