Hardware and Tools

Hardware application field

The hardware tool market is a large and diversified market with a wide range of accessories, ranging from simple hand tools and accessories to high-end machine tools, as well as a variety of consumer and commercial products. We can often see the existence of hardware in our life.

  • Furniture hardware fittings

Hardware foot, hardware frame, hardware handle, turntable, zipper, pneumatic rod, spring, furniture machinery, etc.

  • Cabinet hardware

Hinge, drawer, guide rail, steel pull, basket, hanger, sink, etc

  • Marine hardware fittings

Shackle, flower orchid, clamp, rotary ring, sling ring, pulley, etc

  • Clothing hardware accessories

Button, thread buckle, lock head, belt buckle, hollow nail, alloy buckle, alloy pull card, plate, etc.

  • Luggage hardware accessories

Rivets, aluminum bars, chains, steel rings, buttons, three-section rivets, luggage handles, etc

  • Belt hardware

Belt buckle, belt needle buckle, alloy belt buckle, belt buckle, belt insert buckle, etc

  • Decorative hardware fittings

Sealing strips, cabinet legs, nose, air pipes, metal suspensions, screws, glass brackets, etc

China has become the world’s largest hardware tool production base

China’s hardware tools market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places, among which Guangdong and Zhejiang are the most prominent. In the field of hand tools, the global supply chain system has been concentrated in China since 2015 due to the strong competitive advantage of lower production costs. In the field of power tools, world famous enterprises such as Bosch and TTI have set up factories in China. Most of the power tools sold in the world are manufactured and exported from China, and you can easily find that China has become a major supplier of hardware tools to the world’s merchants. In recent years, many power tool manufacturers have developed different power process platforms and large battery solutions, and made new breakthroughs in charging technology, intelligence and networking.

Problems existing with suppliers

The rapid development of China’s hardware tool industry has attracted the attention of the world’s hardware industry. Hand tools and power tools accounted for the largest proportion of exports. From the perspective of export destination, the Belt and Road countries, the 28 EU countries and the United States are the most important import regions, accounting for 28%, 24% and 20% of exports respectively, among which the United States is the most important importer.

Although the supplier enterprises in China’s hardware tool industry have made great progress in scale, product quality, innovation ability and other aspects, they still face the following defects:

  • The product structure and manufacturing industry are complex
  • It is mostly semi-finished
  • Product processing industry process route is uncertain, bring orders on time delivery and other problems;

It is mainly based on the traditional offline mode, and the sales mode has the problem of poor information, which is relatively backward in terms of operation mode and transparency.

The competitiveness of your business depends on the choice of suppliers

  • Lack of effective supplier evaluation system, unable to identify quality suppliers, and the procurement risk is high
  • Information interaction with suppliers is not timely and communication efficiency is low
  • The quality of the product cannot be investigated

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