Should I get a sample from the Chinese supplier?

When you’ve found a supplier you want to work with, you’re satisfied that they’re reputable, and you’re happy with the price of producing your order, the next step is to get a sample from that supplier, prior to placing an order for the full quantity.

Keep in mind that the first samples you receive from China may not always exactly match your specification and/or sample.

The Sampling Stage can be a back and forth process between you and the Chinese supplier, even when you’ve provided as many specifications as you can in the first instance.

If the supplier asks you for your international courier account, (e.g. ‘DHL account’), ensure they only send necessary samples to you, to avoid high courier costs.

To show that you’re serious about dealing with your supplier, proper and thorough documentation is required to create a foundation of understanding, and minimize the inherent risks.

We use a Sample Making Agreement which includes:The agreed commitment from the supplier of a date by which they will have made the sample for you
The consequences for the supplier of not producing the sample on time, and
The specifications of the sample, as the sample may vary from the final mass production.
This Agreement helps to ensure we get the samples we paid for, and that if the samples are correct, that the final product will match the sample.

Further details of the Sample Making Agreement can be found here.

When you receive your samples, check their workmanship and material, compare the samples and then shortlist a potential supplier.