The chinene are coming

Survival Chinese You can learn by yourself

Chinese is the world’s most popular language, spoken by more than 1.3 billion people in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and elsewhere in East Asia. The official phonetic system of romanizing Chinese is pinyin. Pinyin means “shonetic transcription.” Since 1958, pinyin has been the officially endorsed system in China.

Below is a list of simple yet useful Chinese phrases or expressions most likely to be used by tourists. Speaking a few Chinese words or phrases typically awes locals when traveling around in China, and having a few Chinese words or sentences to play with, you would find it easier to befriend Chinese. You may want to print out the list as a survival guide in case of communication difficulties when the body language alone doesn’t do the trick. however, this is a perfect list for make you survive well in China . Please be advised that this list, broken into seven categories, is prioritized in the order of urgency and relevancy.

We are trying  to expand the list so as to cover all situations ,hope it will be helpful for your business and trip .


Chinese Phrases Pingyin English Equivalents
早上好! Zao Shang Hao! Good morning.
下午好! Xia Wu Hao ! Good afternoon.
晚上好! Wan Shang Hao! Good evening.
欢迎。 Huan Ying Welcome.
你好。 Ni Hao Hello.
你好吗? Ni Hao Ma ? How are you?
我很好,谢谢你。 Wo Hen Hao. Xie Xie Ni. I’m very well ,thanks .
你是谁 ? Ni Shi Shui? What’s your Name?
我是Mike. Wo Shi Mike . My name is Mike .
很高兴认识你。 Hen Gao Xing Ren Shi Ni. Nice to meet you.
你从哪里来? Ni Cong Na Li Lai? Where are you from?
我来自美国。 Wo Lai Zi Mei Guo. I am from America.
请进来。 Qing Jin Lai. Please come in.
请坐。 Qing Zuo. Please sit down.
会讲英文吗? Hui Jiang Ying Yu Ma? Do you speak English?
对不起,我听不懂。 Dui Bu Qi. Wo Ting BuDong. Sorry.I don’t understand.
请慢慢讲。 Qing Man Man Jiang. Please speak slowly.
我明白。 Wo Ming Bai. I understand.
很好。 Hen Hao. Very good.
再见。 Zai Jian. Good-bye.



Chinese Phrases Pingyin English Equivalents
银行在哪里? Yin Hang Zai Na Li? Where is the bank?
邮局在哪里? You Ju Zai Na Li? Where is the post office?
宾馆在哪里? Bin Guan Zai Na Li? Where is the hotel?
怎么去学校? Zen Me Qu Xue Xiao? How to the school?
这里离火车站多远? Zhe Li Li Huo Che Zhan Duo Yuan? How far is it from here to the train station?
附近有商店吗? Fu Jin You Shang Dian Ma? Is there any store nearby?
McDonald 在哪里? Mai Dang Lao Zai Na Li? Where is McDonald?
请告诉我厕所在哪里? Qing Gao Su Wo Ce Suo Zai Na Li? Please tell me where the restroom is?



Chinese Phrases Pingyin English Equivalents
请给我菜单。 Qing Gei Wo Cai Dan . Please give me Menu .
菜里多放点(少放点)辣椒 Cai Li Duo (Shao) Fang Dian La Jiao. Put more (less) chili in the dish.
不要放味精。 Bu Yao Fang Wei Jing. No MSG.
好吃吗? Hao Chi Ma? is it tasty?
非常好吃。 Fei Chang Hao Chi. Very delicious.
我要冰水。 Wo Yao Bing Shui. I want ice water.
我要啤酒 。 Wo Yao Pi Jiu. I want beer.
买单。 Mai Dan. Check please.
干杯。 Gan Bei. Cheers.
为友谊干杯。 Wei You Yi Gan Bei. Toast to friendship.



Chinese Phrases Pingyin English Equivalents
我想买这个。 Wo Xiang Mai Zhe Ge. I want to buy this.
多少钱? Duo Shao Qian? How much is it?
有折扣吗? You Zhe Kou Ma? Any discount?
太贵了。 Tai Gui Le. Too expensive



Chinese Phrases Pingyin English Equivalents
会议几点开始? Hui Yi Ji Dian Kai Shi? When will the meeting begin?
会场在哪里? Hui Chang Zai Na Li? Where is the meeting?
同声翻译。 Tong Sheng Fan Yi Bilingual translation
会议议程。 Hui Yi Yi Cheng . Meeting agenda .
摊位。 Tan Wei Booth



Chinese Phrases Pingyin English Equivalents
我生病了。 Wo Sheng Bing Le. I am sick.
感冒。 Gan Mao Flu
发烧。 Fa Shao Fever
传染。 Chuan Ran Infection Infection
发炎。 Fa Yan Inflammation
拉肚子。 La Du Zi Diarrhea
头痛。 Tou Tong Headache
请带我去看医生。 Qing Dai Wo Qu Kan Yi Sheng. Please take me to see a doctor.
对青霉素过敏。 Dui Qing Mei Shu Guo Min. Allergic to penicillin.
对磺氨药过敏 Dui Huang An Yao Guo Min. Allergic to sulfa drugs.
哮喘 Xiao Chuan Asthma
花粉过敏 Hua Fen Guo Min Allergic to pollen
疲倦 Pi Juan. Fatigue
Tong Pain
Yang ltch
恶心 E Xin Nausea
流鼻涕 Liu Bi Ti Running nose
打喷嚏 Da Pen Ti Sneeze
呕吐 Ou Tu Vomit
头晕 Tou Yun Dizzy



Chinese Phrases Pingyin English Equivalents
1, 2,3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu, Liu, Qi, Ba, Jiu, Shi One,Two,Three,Four,Five, six,Seven,Eight,Nine,Ten
出租车 Chu Zu Che Taxi
公交车 Gong Jiao Che Bus
地铁 Di Tie Subway
飞机 Fei Ji Plane
火车 Huo Che Train
旅游 Lu You Travel
商务 Shang Wu Business
朋友 Peng You Friend
Qian Money