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NCP virus promotes China’s export service industry ecology

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought about a major impact on China’s foreign trade. Facing many difficulties, many enterprises have to start thinking about how the digital foreign trade and online transformation will change the pattern of China’s foreign trade. Recently, the think tank platform of China trade international, China trade news agency, hosted an online seminar on “how to seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of digital foreign trade under the epidemic situation”, and broadcast the conference live online.

This meeting was presided over by fan Peikang, editor in chief of China trade news. Pan Jianjun, chairman of Zhejiang minorand Business Exhibition Co., Ltd., Pu Zhijiang, chairman of Zhejiang Guomao yunshang Holding Co., Ltd., Monday Jun, vice president of, Wang Jian, member of Expert Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade and professor of University of foreign trade and economic cooperation and other guests attended the meeting, focusing on “digital foreign trade and promotion of China’s foreign trade The topics of “quality development”, “what role digital foreign trade can play under the epidemic” and “how foreign trade enterprises grasp the digital opportunity to realize transformation and upgrading” are discussed.

“This epidemic will have a certain impact on China’s foreign trade as a whole, but it is not as big as we think. The epidemic occurred from the end of last year to February this year, which is also the off-season of the whole year’s foreign trade. From the perspective of foreign trade operation process, the production department may not be able to put into production according to the original schedule. Due to the outbreak, the source of goods and the whole operation process of the customer may be delayed, and the impact has not been apparent. ” Wang Jian said that the biggest impact of the Internet on trade is to let more small and medium-sized micro enterprises enter the global market. At present, the epidemic has brought some challenges to the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises, for example, some enterprises are worried about whether they can sustain it. He suggested that financing institutions such as banks should provide more convenient services for small and medium-sized enterprises, including extending the repayment period of enterprises, so as to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome difficulties. “I think after the epidemic, maybe in May or June, there will be a small upsurge in foreign trade.”

“For B2C, whether at home or abroad, the epidemic can make more people’s consumption habits change. From the perspective of enterprises, there are more opportunities. Although enterprises can’t attend the exhibition and face different difficulties in delivery, the trend of sustainable development of China’s foreign trade will not change. ” Puzhijiang believes that the epidemic will promote many small and medium-sized enterprises to change the traditional way of looking for orders and the traditional business negotiation mode. More foreign trade enterprises will make better use of the Internet and mobile phones to do business. “In the future, the market trading mode of China’s foreign trade, including the export mode, will definitely change greatly, but the development trend of foreign trade will not change, the direction of digitalization will not change, and the way to improve the efficiency of foreign trade will not change.”

Pan Jianjun said that due to the impact of the epidemic, many exhibitions were postponed, and many enterprises could not develop their foreign trade business in the form of exhibitions, which would have an impact on their foreign trade business. By the second half of this year, Chinese enterprises will be able to participate in the exhibition normally, but there will be some psychological shadow for foreign businessmen to directly enter China for procurement. Therefore, Chinese enterprises should continue to expand their business by going abroad to participate in exhibitions. In his opinion, enterprises should be good at finding market commanding heights in overseas exhibitions, so as to expand overseas markets with the fastest speed, the largest scope and the lowest cost.

“I have always thought that exhibition will not replace digitalization, and digitalization will not replace exhibition. These two ways are tools for interactive use.” According to the current situation, pan Jianjun suggested that foreign trade enterprises should strive to use digital tools to open business in the first half of the year, and use offline actions in the second half of the year to further promote the work in the first half of the year, so as to reduce losses and expand business.

“In addition to matchmaking, there are many services in the foreign trade service ecosystem. We all work together to build a digital ecological chain of foreign trade services, so that Chinese foreign trade enterprises can really find a new development path under the backwardness mechanism.” Pan said.

“Of all the current uncertainties, there are two quantitative sources of hope. The first is that in the visible 10 to 20 years, the integration ability of China’s industrial chain and the hard power of made in China are invincible. The second is that China’s experience and technology in doing business on the Internet is also the world’s leading. ” Zhou Yijun is full of confidence in the future development of China’s foreign trade, and reminds foreign trade enterprises that it is very important to communicate effectively with customers during the epidemic.

Zhou Yijun cited two recent comics made by as examples. The first picture is a box of goods with various villains, swords, swords and halberds holding a big flag of virus. The description says that this is the goods imagined by customers. The second picture is that after many days of floating across the sea, there is only a small white flag and a tombstone left in the box. It also says that the journey is difficult, especially for the virus, and it is accompanied by the explanation that according to who, the virus can not survive for so many days on an non organism through packaging. Dunhuang intends to dispel overseas customers’ doubts about China’s export goods in such a cartoon form.

It is understood that the conference was held in the form of online “video (audio) + live broadcast”, which was recognized by the guests and actively participated and interacted by the majority of netizens.