Are “Made in China” masks really substandard or being demonized?

As China has made achievements in the control of the epidemic, many enterprises took advantage of their own industry to produce medical supplies, which is already abundant interiorly. After meeting domestic demands, companies have also extended their help overseas to help the whole world come over difficulties together. In this situation, China has become one of the major suppliers of urgently needed medical supplies for the global epidemic.

However, something unpleasant happened recently in the process of medical supplies trading. Many countries in Europe found that the quality of Chinese products has not reached the standard. The latest dispute occurred in Europe. The Dutch government announced the recall of 600,000 masks, which were imported from China and distributed to hospitals. It was said that the quality of the masks was unqualified. Despite the statements by the Chinese ambassador to the Netherlands, xu hong, that the incident would be verified objectively, fairly and accurately, it has nevertheless become a source of agitation in the western media, which have reported the incident with apparent emotion and taken it into a political and diplomatic level.

Coincidentally, foreign media reported on 26th that the quality of the rapid test kit purchased by the Spanish Ministry of Health from a Chinese company was unqualified. The news was reprinted by media around the world before it was confirmed. When more Western media are unclear about the facts, they simply “pass the buck” to China.

However, the fact is that in the process of sampling and sample extraction. The Spanish medical personnel may not strictly follow the instructions, which leads to the decline of sample detection accuracy. Surely, the quality of the detection reagent is in the standard! Since the incident, the company has communicated the operation details with the Spanish in the later stage. And they also made the product operation video and operation instruction card, which is responsible for the product before and after-sale. The Spanish health ministry said it would continue to carry out the contract with the company. The Western media has cared so less about the facts that it can lead the direction of the mess. Could it really convince?

Admittedly, it is inevitable to have misunderstanding. In the current situation of epidemic crisis and shortage of medical supplies, the quality of medical supplies is more concerned than any other field. On the one hand, the quantity of foreign orders is large and urgent. Some of the suppliers in China are not specialized in the medical industry, who are temporarily to do it. On the other hand, different countries have diverse standards. It is difficult to coordinate in such an emergency.

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