How much are China-made medical supplies? Are they really in price raising?

As the COVID-19 spread, the world has entered an emergency state of defense. According to JP Morgan’s model prediction, the global epidemic is still in a stage of rapid increase. Only one country has entered the recovery stage, which is China. Compared with Europe and the United States, which are currently in dire straits, China has already processed a longer time and more effective experience in epidemic prevention. So while ensuring domestic medical supplies, China can also have the surplus to export.

The demand for medical supplies in various countries is soaring, and the supply is in short supply. The situation is that demand exceeds supply. Many countries turned their attention to China, the “world factory”. They have the greatest demand for medical supplies such as nucleic acid detection kits, masks, protective clothing, ventilators, and Infrared thermometer. For masks, the daily output of Chinese masks has already exceeded 100 million. France has already placed orders for 2 billion masks in China. This phenomenon has made people who have been “against China” in the international community speculate that China can earn a lot of money by this opportunity.

However, this is not the case. The statistics from China Customs show that China’s exports of medical supplies were worth 1.44 billion dollars from March to April. It includes 3.86 billion masks worth about 1.1 billion dollars, 37.52 million pieces of protective clothing worth 129.07 million dollars, 2.41 million pieces of infrared thermometers worth 46.8 million dollars, 16,000 ventilators worth 310 million dollars, and other medical supplies and equipment.

It can be seen that according to the quantity and value of the masks, the average exported mask price is 2 yuan (about $0.28) each. The exported masks at such a price is reservable and desirable. Therefore, the fact is that Chinese companies have not taken the opportunity to raise prices. Instead, it only earned little money to help the world to fight the epidemic together!

One of the reasons for this misunderstanding is the “price rising” phenomenon in some countries. Although the export price of Chinese masks is very reservable and desirable, it cannot prevent the price from soaring in some countries. Many US states have raised the price several times to purchase Chinese ventilators. New York State Governor Cuomo also felt helpless about the “state bidding” of the ventilator. It is the same as the masks. Price raising is very common when the supply is in shortage.

Chinese industry experts said that in fact, the money China earned by exporting masks is even less than the money China donated to the world. Since the epidemic, the Chinese government has officially given medical supplies to 81 countries all over the world, and the private enterprises also helped, which helped alleviate the situation.

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