Face mask contains metal 5G antenna, could it be more ridiculous?

Recently, an American doctor Thomas Cowan claimed at the meeting that the fifth generation of mobile communication (5G) technology led to the coronavirus. He was convinced to tell everyone in the video that the reason Africa was not infected is that it is not a 5G coverage area. And Wuhan first broke out because It was the first to build a 5G base station in the world.

This view convinced the British people and led to many vicious events. In Birmingham, the UK, several 5G base stations have been burnt down. They also upload the video to social media to encourage others to do the same. In Bolivia, although there is no 5G technology, people have deeply believed that communication equipment will cause viruses. And the mobile phone signal tower is the target of the attack. This terrorist attack resulted in the destruction of four signal towers in Bolivia.

Obviously, there is a factual error in his view. First of all, Africa is not a place without the spread of coronavirus. According to the report of the African Center for Disease Control, the number of coronaviruses confirmed cases in Africa exceeds 7,000. What’s more, Wuhan is not the first commercial 5G region in the world. The first is Korea.

Now the rumors escalated. A woman in the United States claims that the disposable mask contains a 5G antenna. The purpose of placing the 5G antenna in the mask is to track and control the people through radio waves. These waves will eventually infect the brain and cause cancer.

So what is the so-called “5G antenna”? Does it really exist? Actually, it is just the metal strip of the mask, which is wrapped in plastic. It is used to give shape and fit the bridge of the nose to make the mask more fitting. It can reduce the possibility of air leakage. This design has shown up since the 1960s. According to rumors, if each mask “matches” a 5G antenna, I am afraid the cost of the mask will skyrocket overnight! Are these unfounded “prosecutory delusion” from the lack of common sense or from the excessive free speech?

All objects in nature are constantly transmitting energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles. The method is called radiation. Whether we can see or we can’t see, they are radiating. Even we are always radiating the same.

In the electromagnetic spectrum, the destructive radioactive materials such as gamma rays, cosmic rays, and X-rays are called “Ionizing radiation”. Ionizing radiation will cause the destruction of biological macromolecules such as DNA, proteins, enzymes, and other structures, and ultimately lead to cell damage.

The electromagnetic field where the energy of photons is not enough to break the chemical bonds of molecules is called “non-ionizing radiation”. The radiation of the base station is a type of non-ionizing radiation. Also, electricity, microwaves, and radio waves are non-ionizing radiation. They are at a relatively long wavelength, low frequency, and low energy. Their photons have no ability to break chemical bonds. It can not ionize material atoms or molecules.

Similarly, mobile phone radiation is also non-ionizing radiation. They cannot harm humans. The radiation of communication base stations is even less than 40 microwatts per square centimeter, which is even smaller than that of mobile phones. So it is impossible to cause cancer.

The coronavirus spreads through tiny droplets. The droplets appear when infectors sneeze, cough, or exhale. And the virus can survive on the surface for several hours, which means that it can reach the infected person without direct contact. But it does not mean that it will spread through radio waves.