China COVID-19 vaccine will launch! The protection of twice injected rates up to 100%!

The Journal of the American Medical Association published an article titled Effect of an Inactivated Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2 on Safety and Immunogenicity Outcomes Interim Analysis of 2 Randomized Clinical Trials. This is the first officially published clinical trial data article of the global coronavirus vaccine, and also the world’s first coronavirus inactivated vaccine approved for clinical trials.

Nowadays, coronavirus is spreading all over the world, and vaccines are the most powerful technological weapon to end the war. Since earlier this year, people have been eagerly anticipating the vaccines. Finally, after unremitting efforts, Sinopharm brought good news: the coronavirus inactivated vaccine is expected to be released at the end of December, with an annual output of over 200 million doses. Regarding the price of the vaccine, Sinopharm states that — “the vaccine will be affordable. It is expected to be several hundred yuan per injection. If two injections are given, the protection rate can reach 100%.”

For the successful research, experts gave a brief introduction: Inactivated vaccine, in short, is to isolate the virus strain first. Just like screening seeds, you need to select good quality one, then reproduce and cultivate for quantity, it can be ten times or hundreds of times, etc. Later these live viruses will lose their infectivity and replication ability while they retain part of their functions to stimulate the human body to produce an immune response. And finally, it becomes a vaccine through purification. In comparison, the research of inactivated vaccines is quick but costly.

The research of vaccines mainly includes virus inactivated vaccines, genetic engineering recombinant vaccines, viral vector vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines (plasmid DNA, mRNA, etc.). Clinical research is usually divided into three phases — The first phase mainly evaluates the safety of the vaccine, the second phase mainly evaluates the safety and immunogenicity, while exploring immunization procedures. The third phase mainly evaluates the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in a larger population.

So far, 7 vaccines institution has entered phase III clinical trials around the world, of which 4 are from China (CanSino Biology, Kexing Biology, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and Beijing Institute of Biological Products), 1 from the United States and 1 from the United Kingdom. There is also joint research and development by the German biological company BioNTech and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Earlier on August 11, Russia announced the world’s first vaccine, which has not yet been evaluated in phase III, but it was the first to register the coronavirus vaccine. President Putin said his daughter also participated in the trial. The vaccine is named “Satellite V”, and it is also a rare vaccine that skips Phase III clinical trials and is directly approved.

Experts from Sinopharm also suggested that not everyone needs to be vaccinated. For example, it is more necessary for students and office workers living in densely populated cities, while people living in sparsely populated rural areas do not need to.

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