How to choose? | Everything you need to know about toner cartridges & ink cartridges

What are toner cartridges and ink cartridges?

Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers. Inkjet printing is to spray the ink onto the paper through millions of tiny print head nozzles. Although the nozzles spray small ink dots each time, the speed of a single jet is quite fast, and the image and text are gathered by countless small ink dots.

The toner cartridge is also called the photosensitive drum. 70% of the key technologies in the entire printing process are on the toner cartridge. It is the most critical and important part of a laser printer. Its quality is directly proportional to the printing quality of the document and the printing cost.

Adv. and Dadv. of toner cartridges and ink cartridges:

Inkjet printing is currently the lowest-cost technology on the page cost, especially for continuous supply products. The cost of printing a black and white single-page document will not exceed 2 cents. The writing of inkjet-printed documents is limited by the type of ink. Pigment ink is more durable, and dye ink products are not suitable for long-term storage. The biggest problem with ink cartridges is that the printing speed is not fast and unstable enough, which is depending on the area of the printed document content on the paper.

Laser printing focuses on commercial document printing. The printing is clear and the speed is stable. The output speed will not be affected by the printing content. Documents with laser printing are able to keep for a long time. In the past year, printing companies have launched products with economical consumables, and the cost of laser printing can reach less than 1 dime. Laser printing can print quicker, write clearer, and last longer, made it the best choice for companies.

At present, toner cartridges can be divided into three types according to different photosensitive materials: OPC drums (organic materials), toner cartridges (Selenium), and ceramic drums (a-si ceramics). OPC drums have the lowest prices and are currently the most popular in the market.

(Key point) How to choose toner cartridges and ink cartridges?

  1. Check the qualification of enterprise

(1) Whether they have chip R&D capabilities? The chips independently developed by major manufacturers can be accurately and quickly identified with the printer, making printing more smooth and stable.

(2) Whether they apply automation technology? Automated and precision manufactured products can effectively avoid errors in traditional manual production.

(3) Whether they have quality certification? A series of quality system certifications that conform to environmental protection and health protection products can be more assured and healthy.

  1. Check the raw materials

(1) Whether they use high-density plastic parts? The high-density plastic parts can withstand high temperatures and are not deformed, which can better protect the toner cartridge and prevent powder leakage.

(2) Whether they have high-quality toner? Fine and uniform toner can guarantee the blackness value, clarity, and stability of printing.

(3) Whether they have a high-quality drum core? The advantages of high-quality drum cores at the printing are particularly obvious. They are the key components of good printing results.

3. Check the effect

(1) How is clarity? To check whether the printing is clear and sharp, without ghosting and gray background.

(2) How is the blackness? To check whether the blackness value reaches the industry level and whether the color transition is uniform.

(3) How is the firmness of the fixing? To check whether the document is printed firmly and whether the image is fuzzy.

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