2020 Double 11: the turnover reached 498.2 billion, and 675 million express mails

Affected by the epidemic, “revenge spending” has become one of the biggest trends this year. The demand suppressed by the epidemic has made Double 11 a great success again — Tmall maintained the absolute leading position with 498.2 billion turnovers, handled 675 million express mails on the day, with 250,000 brands and 5 million retails, and 31,766 overseas brands participating.

Because of the impact of the epidemic, sales of health products such as vitamins, air purifiers, beauty products, and sportswear have increased compared with previous years. Global luxury brands that have suffered from travel restrictions have also increased their sales.

Cainiao, a Chinese logistics company, said that during Double Eleven, it has arranged more than 3,000 charter flights and cargo ships to handle overseas parcels to China, and used more than 700 charter flights to assist package exports. 3 million logistics personnel from Cainiao and its partners participated in related logistics activities in global warehouses and ports.

Some logistics companies used automated sorting robots for distribution this year. The application of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis conforms to the current development of emerging technologies. People even watched the live broadcast of the automatic sorting of express delivery, considering such express delivery is an interesting and novel experience.

It is worth mentioning that plenty of offline retails in China have switched to online sales during the epidemic. The vigorous development of some new retail models, as well as offline recovery and online shopping together, promote Chinese consumer and retail markets to be strong in the fourth quarter. Now seizing the opportunity of “sell online” to join the wave of China’s e-commerce market. HiGlobal Consulting Company is devoted to developing your products and brands for the Chinese market. We provide you with world-class production solutions and market strategies to make your business journey with ease and pleasure. Contact us now to start a profitable business!