Welcome the year of the OX!

Today is the eighth day of the new year. In traditional Chinese culture, today is also called “谷日”(Gǔ Rì). It is believed that the clear weather on this day indicates a bumper harvest this year.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is China’s most important festival. Even if the epidemic spreads around the world in the past two years, it has not affected people’s expectations for this day.

The celebration activities trace back to ancient times, when there was a monster named “年” (Nián). It lived at the bottom of the sea and came up once a year to feast on animals and humans.

So people tried to scare the monster, Nian away, by decorating their houses with red paper and setting off firecrackers.

2021 also marks the start of the Year of the Ox.

The Ox which is held in high regard in Chinese culture ranks second in the 12 Chinese zodiac animals.

Oxen often represent the hard workers, who are intelligent and reliable, but seldom demand praise. The virtues that are associated with the ox are the fundamental qualities Chinese people aspire to value.

Red in Chinese culture, symbolizes luck, joy, and happiness.

Red is also believed to ward off evil spirits. Chinese people decorate houses in red at the New Year’s time to attract good luck and prosperity.

After a year of anxiety, uncertainty, and tragedy, may the Year of the Ox bring us plenty of hope, health, and happiness!