The first phase of the 134th Canton Fair ended with more than 100,000 overseas buyers attending the event

On October 19, the first phase of the 134th Canton Fair officially ended. The first phase of the Canton Fair focused on the exhibition of electronic appliances, industrial manufacturing, vehicles and two-wheelers, lighting and electrical, hardware tools 5 major sections of 19 exhibition areas, 10611 offline exhibitors, including 210 import exhibition exhibitors, from 28 countries and regions.

The relevant person in charge of the Canton Fair news center introduced that the first phase of tens of thousands of businessmen gathered, overseas buyers participated actively, exhibitors were enthusiastic, and on-site negotiations and transactions were active, achieving the “good start” of the Canton Fair.

According to the official data provided by the Canton Fair, as of October 19, the current Canton Fair, overseas buyers attended more than 100,000 people, from 210 countries and regions around the world, the number of participants increased significantly over the same period of the 133rd session. Among them, there were nearly 70,000 buyers from countries jointly building the “Belt and Road”, an increase of 65.2% over the same period of the 133rd session, and the Canton Fair has achieved remarkable results in promoting unimpeded trade in countries jointly building the “Belt and Road”. Exhibitors generally believe that overseas buyers are willing to place orders, and more cooperation is expected to be reached in the future.

In addition to the large number of foreign investors present, this Canton Fair has a major highlight, that is, the exhibition structure has been optimized. The scale of the first phase of the exhibition area for electrical and mechanical products such as home appliances, consumer electronics, machinery and equipment, and new energy increased by about 3,000 booths, an increase of more than 18%, providing opportunities for more high-tech and high value-added enterprises to exhibit more innovative, high-end, intelligent and green products. Among them, the scale of the new energy exhibition area increased by 172%, which will further help the “new three” products to expand exports and promote the development of emerging advantageous industries.

Since the 127th Canton Fair was held online for the first time, the function of the Canton Fair online platform has been continuously optimized, and the current Canton Fair has also continued to improve the online platform. It is reported that exhibitors have uploaded more than 2.7 million exhibits on the official website of the Canton Fair, including more than 700,000 new products. Since September 16, the cumulative number of visitors has reached 6.67 million, of which overseas visitors account for 86%.

In addition, the series of trade promotion activities of this Canton Fair are wonderful. At the Canton Fair, a total of 40 “Bridge of Trade” global trade docking events have been successfully held. Held 177 new product debut and first show events; The Canton Fair Design Innovation Award (CF Award) exhibited 141 award-winning products in 2023 online and offline, of which the offline showroom attracted nearly 1,500 visitors every day; The Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) of the Canton Fair was attended by 71 design companies from 6 countries and regions.

It is understood that the Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou in three phases from October 15 to November 4, the first phase of the focus on advanced manufacturing as the support, the exhibition of related products; The second and third phases focus on adapting to the needs of consumption upgrading and better life, mainly exhibiting traditional labor-intensive products such as household goods, gift decorations, building materials and furniture, textiles and clothing.

At present, the first phase of the 134th Canton Fair has come to an end, and the second phase will be held from October 23 to 27, focusing on 15 exhibition areas of household goods, gifts and decorations, building materials and furniture 3 major sectors, 9,674 offline exhibitors, of which 202 import exhibition exhibitors, from 29 countries and regions.