TikTok Shop “Black Friday Early Buy” officially opened: ignite the global shopping spree

TikTok, the globally popular social media platform, has recently seen the rapid growth of its e-commerce business. The opening of the Black Friday early purchase activity marks the TikTok Shop’s e-commerce business has entered a new stage of development. This event will bring consumers around the world an unprecedented shopping feast.

According to official information, the Black Five network promotion will last for 35 days and is the largest platform activity of TikTok Shop cross-border e-commerce in the year, bringing together resources from the United States, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia for the first time. Starting from October 27, TikTok Shop will open multiple rounds of promotion including “Black Friday early purchase, home, digital, fashion category day, Carnival”, and continue until after Black Friday network 1, until the end of November 30.

As the top streaming social media software that brings together 1 billion monthly lives, TikTok has a large number of users to spontaneously share Black Five related content, and the total number of plays of related topics such as #blackfridaydeals, #shoppingfun, #blackfridaycomedy has exceeded 7 billion, and the holiday shopping atmosphere is on the verge of breaking out. This shows that consumers’ enthusiasm for Black Friday shopping is continuing to rise.

According to previous news, TikTok Shop cross-border e-commerce encourages businesses to complete the Black Five main pallet before October 27, and now everything is ready and ready to go. With the official opening of the Black Five early purchase, TikTok Shop also aggregates the “content + shelf” dual field resources to fully help merchants hit the sales peak! At present, TikTok App home page has launched the Black Five featured mall entrance, search banner, discount coupon pop-up window and other super resources, and jointly with the goods master to open the topic competition, master challenge and other activities. These initiatives will further boost TikTok Shop’s e-commerce business.

It is particularly noteworthy that with TikTok fully opening e-commerce business in the US market, the “mall” entrance has been fully launched on the TikTok APP home page, which will become a strong source of traffic for this black five promotion. In addition, according to the feedback of many businesses, the mature red man marketing in the United States has shown strong growth potential in a short period of time, which has made many businesses sit up and take notice. More than 100,000 TikTok fans in the United States have participated in TikTok e-commerce services, helping to sell goods through short videos, live streaming and other forms. The successful implementation of these celebrity marketing strategies has also brought more business opportunities for TikTok Shop’s e-commerce business.

Since the TikTok Shop full hosting model was launched, a number of promotion activities have been carried out, such as the Eid al-Adha Festival promotion, summer promotion, back-to-school season, etc., which continue to drive sales of cross-border merchants. As the largest platform event of the year, TikTok Shop’s Black Five promotion is worth looking forward to!