November important foreign trade marketing node and selection recommendation!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many other major holidays all fall in November, which is a very important time period for cross-border sales. Especially for overseas countries like the United States and Canada, it is crucial. During this month, consumers eagerly anticipate various promotional and discount activities, while sellers need to prepare in advance to seize this opportunity.

Halloween falls on November 1st, a holiday celebrated by multiple countries. In regions like North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, people will dress up in various horror or strange costumes, wear masks, and enjoy the atmosphere of the festival. Therefore, sales of related products such as masks, costumes, special effects cosmetics will peak during this period. It is necessary for sellers to stock up goods in advance and carry out relevant promotional activities.

In addition to Halloween, there are many other important holidays in November. For example, November 4th is Unity Day in Russia, people will celebrate the holiday with flowers, sports goods and performance tools. November 9th is the Independence Day and National Day of Cambodia, people will buy banners, lighting decorations and fireworks to celebrate this important day.

In China and Southeast Asia, November 11th is Singles’Day, a shopping festival. During this period, merchants will launch various promotional activities to attract consumers to purchase goods. Therefore, all categories of goods need to be stocked up in advance to cope with the sales peak during this period.

In addition, November 11th is also Poland’s Independence Day. During this period, people will buy flags, running supplies and other related products to celebrate this important day.

In Japan, November 15th is Shichi-San-Setsu Day (753 Children’s Day), people will buy ethnic costumes and other related products to celebrate this holiday. On November 23rd is Japan’s Labor Thanksgiving Day, people will buy wreaths to celebrate this holiday.

In the United States, November 23rd is Thanksgiving Day, a major family holiday. People will buy greeting cards, strange costumes and sports goods to celebrate this festival at this time. The day after Thanksgiving, November 24th, is famous Black Friday. It is one of the largest shopping carnivals in the United States, and people will rush to buy various goods at this time. Therefore, all categories of goods need to be stocked up in advance to cope with the sales peak during this period.

Shortly after Black Friday on November 27th is Cyber Monday – another important shopping festival in the United States launched by e-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay. During this period, sales of all categories of goods will increase significantly. Therefore, sellers need to stock up goods in advance and carry out relevant marketing activities.

In addition to the holidays mentioned above, there are also many other independence days and celebrations in November for other countries. For example, Mauritania celebrates its independence day on November 28th. People will buy flags, ethnic costumes, ribbons and festival decorations to celebrate this important day. On November 29th, the Republic of Yugoslavia also holds celebrations. People will buy patriotic theme goods such as colorful flags, decorative displays and clothing to celebrate the day.

Overall, November is a shopping carnival season for both consumers and foreign traders. For consumers, they have prepared shopping lists and are looking forward to various promotional activities. For sellers, holidays are opportunities for sales. It is very important to prepare in advance and understand the characteristics and needs of each holiday so that they can better seize opportunities and gain more sales chances.