Temu and SHEIN close to Amazon in US user numbers?

According to the latest survey data, the overall number of users worldwide in October, Amazon increased by 4% year on year, and the number of users has steadily increased. However, Temu and SHEIN, e-commerce platforms from China, rose to prominence, with the combined number of users soaring to 2.6 times, showing strong growth momentum.

The report further states that users of these e-commerce platforms originating in China have increased dramatically in the United States. In October, the combined users of Temu and SHEIN apps reached about 110 million people, a four-fold increase from the same period last year, and nearly 90% of the largest platform Amazon in the United States.

In terms of the proportion of US users in the world, Temu is 41% and SHEIN is 18%, both exceeding Amazon’s 15%. Both apps are now generating nearly five times as many new downloads in the US as Amazon. This certainly shows the strong appeal and growth potential of China-derived e-commerce platforms such as Temu and SHEIN in the US market.

For the past few years, Amazon has been one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, but with the rise of China-originated e-commerce platforms such as Temu and SHEIN, Amazon may face more competitive pressure. These emerging platforms quickly accumulated a large number of users and gradually expanded their market share by providing quality products, services and experiences.

Taking Temu as an example, the platform has attracted a large number of users with its unique variety of goods and price advantages. At the same time, Temu also provides a convenient shopping process and quality customer service, providing users with a good shopping experience. On the other hand, SHEIN has attracted a large number of young users with fashion, trend and personalized products. Through precise marketing and personalized recommendation, the user stickiness and activeness are very high.

For Amazon, facing the competitive pressure of these emerging platforms, it needs to constantly innovate and improve, improve the user experience and service quality, to maintain its market position and continue to expand its market share. At the same time, Amazon also needs to pay close attention to the dynamics and trends of these emerging platforms in order to adjust its strategy and response measures in time.

To sum up, e-commerce platforms originating in China such as Temu and SHEIN are performing well globally with strong growth momentum. The rise of these emerging platforms has undoubtedly brought new competitive landscape and challenges to the global e-commerce market.