Mobile phone case can also achieve 100 billion market!

As the smartphone market becomes increasingly saturated, the competition between mobile phone manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce. Although the frequency of mobile phone use is very high, but the product itself does not have the characteristics of FMCG; On the other hand, the performance improvement of the phone iteration is not large.

On the contrary, young people prefer to change their mobile phone case frequently, so the mobile phone case has gradually become a fashionable part of people’s lives. A variety of mobile phone cases have gradually occupied people’s social topics and become an indispensable member of social communication.

With the popularity of smart phones, the mobile phone case market has developed from a small category to a large market, not only in the United States, young people in Southeast Asia also like to frequently replace mobile phone cases, which has promoted the demand growth of the mobile phone case market.

The size of the phone case is not big, but the earning power is not to be underestimated. The best-selling transparent, drop-proof phone case, for example, costs from $6 to $17 on Amazon, but the actual cost is far lower and lasts for at least two years at a time.

Because the mobile phone case has the characteristics of small and beautiful, short re-purchase cycle, large profit margin and low investment threshold, the mobile phone accessories market has developed rapidly in recent years.

Bezius consulting data show that in 2022, the global demand for mobile phone cases is 1.49 billion, the market size is 99.9 billion yuan, and 25% of people will buy more than 2 mobile phone cases, including many heavy mobile phone shell control with more than a dozen mobile phone cases.

In overseas markets, the first half of the phone case brand is almost in the “boast” low-end market. Overseas, mobile phone cases priced within 100 yuan occupy the majority of the share, and the low-end market has become a sea of players. In 2015, PITAKA broke into the no-man’s land of high-end mobile phone cases and raised the ceiling of mobile phone cases at a stroke with a price of $50, leading the industry to compete for the second half of the “original mobile phone case”.

Today, PITAKA sells nearly one million units a year and has more than 1.5 million loyal users worldwide. High-end phone case brand “CASETiFY” also focuses on Generation Z women. In fact, “making a mobile phone case into a fashion item and directly hitting the hinterland of the young consumer circle” has become a hot model for making money.

PITAKA, the standard CASETiFY, chose to specialize in the high-end male mobile phone case market, and entered the high-end mobile phone case market with high-strength and lightweight aramid fiber. The main mobile phone case is made of “bulletproof vest material, aerospace grade material”, in order to reduce the weight of the mobile phone case as the design idea.

Overseas mobile phone case market shows broad prospects. With the popularity of smart phones and the increase in consumer demand for mobile phone protection, the mobile phone case market is developing rapidly overseas. Diversified product lines and creative design make the mobile phone case not only have protective functions, but also become a representative of fashion and personalized, attracting the attention and love of many young users. Through the promotion of social media and live streaming platforms, mobile phone case brands gain wider exposure and sales opportunities in overseas markets.

It is expected that in the future, with the intensification of the consumption downgrade trend and consumers’ pursuit of personalized and creative products, the overseas phone case market will continue to maintain rapid growth, bringing huge business opportunities and prospects for brands and merchants.