The “mini” phone and point-and-shoot camera have sold nearly 40,000 units in the United States, and the nostalgic style has exploded on TikTok

On TikTok, mini items are becoming a craze. Hashtags like “Mini” have been viewed nearly 200 million times. On this platform, users have to share their bought pocket items, including the launch of big-name headphones in the shape of women’s leather bags, food and play models, toy phones and so on. Each of these videos received millions to hundreds of millions of streams.

Mini Grocery Items - Useless Things to Buy!

On TikTok Shop in the United States, a mini smartphone called the Bezos Max also received a warm welcome. The phone is similar in shape to the iPhone and has all the features of a smartphone, but is less than half the size of the latter, reminiscent of the old millennial phones of decades ago. Since its release, the product has done extremely well, selling for $90 each, with more than 2,000 units sold in the last 30 days and an estimated GMV of nearly $182,000.

The mini smartphone is mainly marketed by short video talent. In the past 30 days, a total of 46 people participated in the delivery of goods, of which 43 people through the short-view band delivery, 4 people participated in the live delivery. Due to the high attractiveness of the product, the conversion effect of short videos is very good. In nearly 30 days, 78 videos have been generated with 13.5 million cumulative exposures and an estimated GPM (turnover per 1,000 video views) of $13.36.

In the shooting of short video, the main use of digital product shooting commonly used methods, including unpacking, function display and trial. Although the shooting technique is simple, it combines some dynamic operation mirror and editing skills to enhance the interest of the content, thus improving the completion rate.

One cargo carrier, @decsteamboy us, posted a video of the comparison using a regular iPhone. In the less than 40-second video, he demonstrated the various functions of the mini phone, such as daily phone calls, online chatting, watching videos, taking photos and playing games, stressing that the mini smartphone is “small but complete”. The video ended up with 3.6 million views and an estimated GMV conversion of nearly $52,000.

In a copy of the video, he highlighted a potential audience for the phone: children and teenagers with communication needs. Due to its high portability, stylish and cute appearance, and low price, this mobile phone is favored by many teenagers with limited budgets.

In product reviews and video comments, many users said they chose to buy the digital product as a toy or spare, rather than a just-needed product. Some users (especially women) find its small, delicate look cute and suitable as a fashion item. Some people use it to meet the psychology of nostalgia and memory – in the era of rapid development of technology, many smartphone brands are trying to make mobile phones “big”, and this “small” phone allows them to recall the past low-tech era, and feel comfortable and secure.

In addition, a mini “point-and-shoot” digital camera is also getting attention on TikTok. This digital camera is known as the pocket camera commonly known as the Instamatic/A point-and-shoot camera/anautomatic, with simple operation, small size, light weight and low price. Before the popularity of smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras were the most popular home photography tool in the world.


This digital camera is very popular on TikTok, priced at less than $20, with 13,100 sales in the last 30 days and an estimated GMV of $274,300. According to the product description, this digital camera has a 32GB memory card, supports 16x digital zoom, has 1080P resolution and 44MP shooting capability. Its compact and lightweight features make it more than twice the size of a mobile phone, perfect for children, teenagers and beginners in photography.

This product is mainly through the promotion and sales of short video talent. Judging from the popular delivery videos, most of the videos are shot in a very simple way, mainly recording the price of the product on the Amazon platform (up to $50) on the computer screen, and comparing it with the price on TikTok, urging viewers to place an order as soon as possible. The conversion was excellent: 68 videos were generated in nearly 30 days, with 13.3 million total views and an estimated GPM of $20.58.

In addition to emphasizing the cheap price and regular operation of the display of the video with the goods, some bloggers will post their own camera selfies and life photos taken by the camera than the mobile phone photos less details, but formed a natural beauty and soft light effect to appear more beautiful characters with unique retro filters and noise also give the picture a “retro atmosphere of the 1990s” It is popular among people who love to take photos of their lives.

The popularity of both digital products shows how retro nostalgia has become a popular trend on TikTok. In addition, “90saesthetic” has been viewed nearly 40 million times. Under the nostalgia hashtag, people share the fashion styles and classic songs and movies and TV