Opportunity and Risk for Amazon Sellers: Both?

2023 will be a challenging year for Amazon sellers. In addition to the competition within the Amazon platform, external e-commerce platforms such as TEMU, SHEIN, and TikTok Shop have also intensified the competition, resulting in many sellers facing a crisis of reduced orders and a sharp decline in profits.

Heading into 2024, Amazon sellers are looking for change. In addition to the overall development strategy and Amazon platform operation strategy, selection has also become the focus of sellers.

United States station: mattress sales growth led, women’s shoes and clothing sales are huge

The top three high-growth categories for 2023 sales on Amazon’s US site are mattresses, laptops and phone cases, of which 105 million cases were sold. The total sales of women’s casual dresses, women’s road running shoes and women’s fashion sports shoes reached 31.009 billion yuan, showing that women’s shoes and clothing still have huge consumption power in the United States. On the brand list, Apple topped the list, with sales reaching 27.464 billion yuan, up 225% year-on-year. Logitech’s sales figures were impressive, with sales and volumes up 330% and 289%, respectively.

UK station: Tablet PC growth is fast, mobile phone demand is high

The top three high-growth categories for 2023 on Amazon UK are mobile phones, air fryers and toy construction sets. Mobile phone sales in the UK were 1.97 billion yuan, up 86% year-on-year. Tablets were the fastest-growing category, with sales and volumes up 141% and 133%, respectively. Most of the TOP1 categories of listed brands are household goods and household appliances, and the price of customers is high, indicating that British consumers have a large demand for household goods and strong purchasing power, providing new opportunities for cross-border sellers.

France station: Vacuum cleaner sales doubled, can become a TOP1 brand

The top three categories with high sales growth in 2023 on Amazon France are vacuum cleaners, construction game set toys and board game toys. Vacuum cleaners performed the best, with sales and volume growth of 149% and 74%, respectively, and the largest brand sales in this category was added by Chinese brands. In the brand list, Tim Ke and Xiaomi made the list with annual sales of 511 million yuan and 454 million yuan, respectively, and the growth exceeded 200%.

Germany station: Electronics, household appliances sold well, treadmill sales increased more than 5 times

The top three high-growth categories in 2023 on Amazon Germany are TVS, mobile phones and in-ear headphones. A number of household appliances also entered the TOP10, such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines and treadmills. Treadmill growth has been particularly strong, with sales and volume increasing by 766% and more than five times, respectively. Samsung topped the brand list with annual sales of 8.147 billion yuan, and its best selling product was mobile phones. From the perspective of category and brand growth, German consumers have strong purchasing power, and sellers can focus on differentiated products to improve profits.

Italy station: Sales of household appliances are soaring, and Chinese brands are popular

The top three high-growth categories in 2023 on Amazon’s Italian site are smartphones, waffles and coffee capsules, and vacuum cleaners. In the overall list, vacuum cleaners and toy construction sets saw the most significant growth, up 81 percent and 88 percent, respectively. It is worth mentioning that the TOP1 brands of vacuum cleaners and electric brooms are Chinese brands, respectively, Chase and Tim. Xiaomi and DJI entered the TOP10 brand list of Italy Station with annual sales of 645 million yuan and 298 million yuan respectively, and the average price of DJI goods was the highest.

Spain station: Millet mobile phone outstanding performance, sales, sales double growth

The top three high-growth categories in 2023 on Amazon’s Spanish site will be mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Sales in the mobile phone category increased by 106%, and the TOP1 brand was Chinese brand Xiaomi. Toy construction sets and baby toys maintained high growth, with sales up 151% and 117%, respectively. Xiaomi topped the Spanish brand sales TOP1 with annual sales of 859 million, sales and sales increased by 61% and 52%, respectively, showing that cost-effective mobile phones have huge space in the Spanish market.