Are adults the biggest buyers of remote-controlled cars?

Adults have become an important growth point in the global toy market, especially in the segments of remote control products, figures and models. For toy sellers in Greater China, remote control toy cars are undoubtedly the most promising category.

If you want to understand the best-selling remote control products at present, the answer is none other than hobbyist-level remote control car modification parts. For nearly half a century, remote control cars have been sold millions of units worldwide every year. With the continuous advancement of technology, remote control car designs are becoming increasingly complex and customizable, and continue to attract a wide range of groups from beginners to senior hobbyists. The market is expected to maintain a steady growth of 5% annually. This issue will deeply analyze the new opportunities in the remote control car market.

Adult players are the “core users” of remote control car products that go beyond the toy level. Their strong purchasing power has reshaped the sales pattern of the remote control car market. According to data from market research firm NPD Group, nearly 60% of sales in the US remote control toy car market come from hobbyist-level products.

So far this year, the number of new listings in the remote control car modification part category has grown rapidly and demand is strong; sellers in Greater China have performed well in this category and have significant supply advantages. Among them, the hobbyist-level remote control car modification parts and accessories are particularly prominent, which can be regarded as one of the most powerful and advantageous categories in Greater China, and occupy an important position in the overall remote control car sales.

From the perspective of the audience, toy products can be divided into toy level and hobbyist level, and there are significant differences between the two in terms of audience age, price and performance. Adult players are the core audience of professional-level remote control car products.

Taking remote control cars as an example, children usually choose toy remote control cars, which are suitable for indoors or lawns, and their shapes and performance tend to be cartoon and entry-level. The hobbyist-level products have a higher degree of simulation, from fuel engines to the entire vehicle structure, chassis and even suspension/shock absorbers, wheels, tires, etc., which can be modified, suitable for off-road venues, outdoor and drift tracks and other diverse scenes.

Remote control car modification is similar to car modification, and the two learn from each other. For example, modifications to enhance the driving experience (off-road/drifting) include chassis parts such as wheels, tires, and shock absorbers; power system upgrades involve more efficient batteries, motors and engines, etc.; at the same time, modifications to exterior parts such as the body and tail wing can also improve mood.

Based on the sales and growth performance of related products on the platform, we recommend the following sub-categories and products that are worth expanding:

Star categories: toy car remote control, electronic and electrical components. As the demand for motor-driven remote control cars grows among enthusiasts, the demand for consumables such as batteries has also increased significantly.
Leading sales categories: toy car bodies, frames and interior parts. Involving chassis, car shells and interior modifications, adapted to different scenarios.
Evergreen demand categories: toy car chassis, transmission and wheel and tire parts. The first choice for entry-level modifications, with outstanding sales; advanced modifications involve high-demand categories such as differentials and clutches.

Why are enthusiast-level cars and modified parts so popular? This starts with the history of remote control cars. Since their invention in the 1960s, remote control cars have continued to develop, from toy level to professional level, and the application of gasoline/nitrogen drive and brushless motors has promoted their rapid iteration. Major brands and aftermarket merchants have launched a wealth of accessories to meet the upgrade and modification needs of enthusiasts, making each remote control car unique and charming.

In the US and European markets, modification culture is prevalent. In addition to cars, helicopters, engineering vehicles and military war toys such as tanks and airplanes are also favorite remote control products among enthusiasts, and the aftermarket modified parts are also hot selling.