Temu made it to the UK’s most searched list of the year, and perhaps Temu’s influence will continue to grow

Temu made it to the top of the UK’s most searched list of the year, with searches soaring by 2,850 per cent. Google Trends data shows that in 2023, the most popular search terms in the UK, Temu’s performance is particularly dazzling.

As of Dec. 21, Temu’s search volume has surged 2,850 percent over the same period last year, outpacing even ChatGPT, which grew 2,700 percent this year.

Temu has already made its mark in the UK market, becoming the most downloaded shopping app with an estimated 9 million users.

Since its launch in the UK in early 2023, Temu has been downloaded more than 19 million times and has 9 million monthly active users. Its parent company achieved incredible retail prices by haggling with suppliers, cutting out middlemen and taking advantage of Chinese and UK tax policies. This price advantage makes Temu stand out in the highly competitive UK market.

Temu’s success is due to its innovative marketing strategy. In February, Temu became one of the youngest brands in Super Bowl history with a 30-second commercial, and its slogan “Shop like a billionaire” became a social media meme. A Google Trends query shows that temu’s search popularity spiked significantly on the 13th after the Super Bowl AD. This innovative advertising method successfully attracted the attention of consumers and rapidly expanded the brand influence.

Temu’s meteoric rise has added to competitive pressures that have seen more downloads than any other app in the UK this year, forcing discount chain Wilko into administration. Temu’s success has not only changed the shopping habits of British consumers, it has also posed a huge challenge to traditional retailers.