Heat surge 1153%! Temperatures in many parts of the UK have plummeted, and sales of thermal supplies such as heaters and windshields have exploded

Unusually cold weather has hit many parts of the UK as an Arctic snap moves south. Temperatures plunged, and some areas even saw snow and ice, which caught local residents unprepared. This sudden change in the weather not only brought a lot of inconvenience to people’s lives, but also made the sales of warm supplies increased significantly.

The cold snap has reportedly caused the lowest temperatures to drop below minus 10 degrees Celsius, which is quite cold for many people. To combat the cold, people flocked to shopping malls and supermarkets to buy warm supplies. From thermal underwear, thick blankets, hot water bags, to electric heaters and other goods, have become hot goods. Some stores even saw demand outstrip supply, and businesses had to scramble to restock to meet consumer demand.

According to data from B&Q, as temperatures drop, the demand for thermal products is on the rise. DIY.com (B&Q’s official website) has seen a huge increase in searches for window insulation, windshields, gas heaters and electric heaters. Searches for window insulation saw the biggest increase, surging 1153 percent compared to the previous week. In addition, there was a 169 percent increase in searches for wind strips, a 203 percent increase in searches for gas heaters, and a 151 percent increase in searches for electric heaters.

B&Q also noted that sales of snow removal products on DIY.com rose 62 percent in the past week as frost set in. To keep roads safe and walkable, many Britons invest in sand salt. Searches for the product on DIY.com have significantly increased by 900% compared to last week.

John Lewis, the UK retail department store, reports a similar trend. Under the influence of cold weather, heating blankets have become an essential heating artifact for British people. In the same period in 2023, air fryers and heated clothes dryers are highly sought after. According to John Lewis, sales of Dreamland heating blankets have surged 500% this week compared to last week.

In addition to electrical products such as electric heaters and heating blankets, knitwear and sweaters have also become important items for British people to resist cold weather. Zip-up collars and loops topped the John Lewis bestseller list this week. At the same time, as the temperature continues to fall, the sales of thermos bottles continue to grow, increasing by 9% this year.

Experts remind the public to pay attention to safety when using electric heaters and other appliances to avoid accidents such as fire. As temperatures continue to drop, sales of thermal products are expected to continue to grow. Merchants are also actively restocking to meet consumer demand.

Some analysts pointed out that with the intensification of global climate change, extreme weather phenomena will become more and more frequent, which not only brings a lot of inconvenience to people’s lives, but also may have a profound impact on consumption habits. In the future, the market demand for thermal products may continue to grow. Relevant enterprises need to be prepared to cope with market changes.