Top ten new foreign trade products emerge during the peak foreign trade season, AI pet dogs and nail art printers are popular

Alibaba International Station today announced the “Top Ten New Foreign Trade Products”, including unique products such as AI pet dogs, pet chicken protection helmets, nail art printers, smart boxing trainers, and 3D holographic fans. These new products highlight the prominent position of smart devices in the field of foreign trade, and are closely integrated with overseas trends, spawning many “magical new products.”

At the same time, the rise of pickleball overseas has also driven the sales of “pickleball rackets” made in China. In the machinery industry that is unique in the B2B export field, following the popularity of small excavators, new growth points such as small forklifts have emerged.

Petting cats and dogs has entered the AI ​​era, and pet chickens have also become a new favorite overseas. According to Alibaba International Station’s March New Trade Festival data, pet economy-related products continue to soar, with the number of sellers of smart feeders, pet bowls, pet collars and leashes increasing by more than 800% year-on-year. Among the top ten new products, AI pet dog and pet chicken protective helmets demonstrate the new trend of the pet economy.

AI pet dogs break the barrier of speechlessness of real pets and become consumers’ new favorites. They can not only accompany and chat with each other, but also dance with them, achieving effective companionship. In addition to AI pet dogs, overseas users are also keen on raising pet chickens. It is understood that on Quora, many overseas users share their daily lives with pet chickens. Chinese foreign trade merchants who sensed business opportunities quickly launched mini pet safety helmets such as “pet chicken helmets”.

Data shows that during the New Trade Festival in March this year, a series of pet clothing and accessories products emerged at Alibaba International Station, such as pet whack-a-mole toys, pet hair dryers, etc.

In pursuit of outdoor dopamine, “light exercise” has become the new favorite among fashionistas. Data from the March New Trade Festival of Ali International Station show that with the popularity of cycling, outdoor sports and niche sports, sports products such as pickleball rackets, sleepable off-road vehicle roofs, electric bicycles, electric scooters, trekking poles, golf equipment, etc. Popular.

While everyone craves the pleasure that dopamine brings, not everyone is an exerciser. Therefore, “light sports” such as pickleball, which have low technical requirements, low physical energy consumption, and are novel and interesting, have become the “new favorite” of new trendsetters and Internet celebrity sports after rock climbing, surfing, and Frisbee, and are very popular overseas.

According to statistics from the American Pickleball Association, as of early 2023, the number of pickleball players in the United States has surged from 4.82 million in 2021 to 36 million. In addition, affected by the inclusion of pickleball as a performance event at the 2024 Paris Olympics, sales of pickleball rackets continue to grow.

The popularity of camping continues to drive sales of new products. This off-road vehicle roof tent, which was selected into the new product list, has a sturdy shell and can be used as a protective measure, allowing off-road vehicle and pickup truck users to camp as they like.

You can enjoy smart life at home, and the nail art printer makes nail art design at your fingertips. The increasing pursuit of home comfort by overseas users has promoted the introduction of new and unique home products made in China, such as nail art printers, smart music boxing machines, 3D holographic fans, portable automatic drying hangers, etc. into overseas households.

Manicure has always been a popular “self-pleasuring” experience overseas. Last year, when a waiter in the fashion industry at Alibaba International Station visited the United States, he found that the business of nail salons was booming at three or four o’clock in the afternoon during the peak work hours. This nail art printer on the list not only allows everyone to become a designer, but also can complete a manicure in 25 seconds.

With the release of “Hot and Furious” in overseas markets such as North America and Australia, the smart music boxing machine makes boxing training no longer boring through music and games, becoming this year’s hot product.

The 3D holographic image fan is the favorite of “tech geeks”. It is not only a fan, but also a projector for 3D holographic images. It can be spliced ​​to obtain a larger display screen and can even play 3D movies. Buyers from Israel have reported that the product is very interesting and will be used in exhibitions.

Portable automatic clothes drying racks have become a home dryer for overseas “young people living alone” due to their portability and fast drying function, and are also a must-have item for them when they go on business trips and travel.

The machinery industry is experiencing another wave of new p