Emergency Supplies for Covid-19

Sourcing of NCP(coronavirus) Emergency Supplies

NCP has attracted worldwide attention since the outbreak of Wuhan in China. By February 25, 2020, the number of infected persons in China was close to 100 thousand and over 2600 deaths. Data shows that China has imported more than 1.2 billion medical masks from various countries.

However, while China’s epidemic is under control, the development of other countries is unexpected, especially Japan, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, Iran and the United States. there is a lack of emergency supplies for epidemic prevention all over the world, including disposable medical masks, N95 masks, disinfectants, thermometers, fungicides, etc.

Even in an epidemic situation, China is still the world’s factory, and we have the responsibility and ability to guarantee the world’s emergency supplies.

Depending on the abundant supply chain resources and the judgment of the epidemic situation, we HiGlobal has the ability to help global purchasers in urgent need to purchase the following materials.

  • The products of these suppliers meet the standards of China and export destination countries.
  • Provide the most timely delivery period before the end of the epidemic.
  • It is only within the control of the government to raise the price appropriately, and there is no price fraud.

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Disposable 3 Ply surgical non-woven medical face mask

1. Dispsoable Great elasticity face mask,Size:17.5×9.5cm,3-PLY. Very low resistance to breathing,free from foreign smell,without any stimulating feeling.
2. Use ultrasonic welding technology, comfortable wearing,breathable,hygienic, and biodegradable.
3. Excellent for Hospital, Clinic, Dental, Surgery room, Beauty room, food industry and emergencies.

N95 Medical Disposable Foldable Face Mask

1. Efficiently filtrate and adsorb industrial toxic dusts, fumes, mists, gases and vapors against Silicosis
2. Comfortable design with foam nose cushion wedge and contoured nose clip for reliable seal.
3. No maintenance/cleaning, and convenient to use

Handheld LCD medical infrared thermometer

1. LCD backlit screen, free switching in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Measurements range from -50 to 400 degrees Celsius.
2. Replaceable battery design, automatic shutdown when no operation.
3. Laser assisted measurement, 0.5S quick response.

Medical alcohol disinfectant(Custom capacity)

1. Integrated packaging to avoid secondary contamination;
2. Unique mist fluid sprinkler, fluid more evenly to avoid splashing;
3. Broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, sustained antibacterial, feel fine and moist.