Product Storage and Delivery

Merchandise inventory and distribution

Commodity inventory and distribution is a functional organization responsible for inventory control management and end-distribution business. Its main task is to follow up the needs of end-users and supply all kinds of goods required in time. At the same time responsible for inventory management and safety, in order to speed up inventory turnover, save funds, reduce storage costs, avoid inventory losses, ensure the safety and integrity of inventories. With more than 10 years of foreign trade experience and global trade partners, HiGlobal is able to provide our valued members with more scientific and effective planning of commodity inventory and distribution system solutions, and provide convenient planning process for the development of members’ logistics system.

Inventory management

Inventory management is the key link in supply chain management, which involves the management process of ordering, storage, production, sales and replenishment of materials.

  • Definition and function: Through scientific methods and means, we reasonably plan, organize, control and supervise the inventory of enterprises, so as to achieve the goals of reducing inventory costs, improving inventory turnover and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Basic steps: Our basic steps include purchasing inventory, properly storing inventory until demand arises, moving goods or materials between fulfillment networks until ready for shipment, profiting from inventory (controlling the amount of product to be sold), deploying finished products to fulfill orders, and shipping products to customers.
  • Inventory visibility: We know what inventory you have and where it is located. To ensure fulfillment of customer orders, reduce shipping turnaround times, and minimize out-of-stock, overbooking, and markdowns.
  • Types of inventory management: We include cyclical inventory management (physical inventory taking at specific intervals), barcode inventory management (assigning a number to each product and associating multiple data points with that number), and RFID inventory management (a system that wirelessly transmits product identity, providing detailed product information).
  • Effective inventory management: Our effective inventory management can accurately understand the location of inventory throughout the supply chain, customize pricing, send quotes, track orders and manage returns, ship products to the most valuable locations, evaluate patterns in the process to predict future demand and sales, create and manage purchase orders, and more.

Distribution system

Transnational logistics often faces problems such as differences in regulations, language and culture between different countries and regions. Therefore, when we develop transnational logistics transportation solutions, we will understand the regulatory requirements of the target market and cooperate with professional logistics service providers to ensure the smooth progress of logistics processes. At the same time, we will pay close attention to the changes in international trade policies and the application of new technologies, and constantly optimize logistics plans to improve logistics efficiency and service level.

  • Logistics distribution: Choosing the right logistics partner is the key to cross-border logistics solutions. We have rich experience in international logistics and can provide a full range of logistics services. We choose the most reasonable sea, air or express transportation methods according to the different goods of customers, so as to save the most costs for customers. Working with a professional logistics service provider, we can ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods and provide reliable tracking and reporting services.
  • Customs declaration and clearance: In transnational logistics, customs declaration and clearance is a very important link. According to different countries and regions have different customs clearance regulations and procedures, we will understand the regulatory requirements of the target market and ensure compliance. Entrust a professional customs agent to handle the relevant procedures, improve the efficiency of customs declaration, reduce potential risks, improve the speed of customs declaration, and let the goods go through customs as soon as possible.
  • After-sales service and return handling: Cross-border logistics may need to consider after-sales service and return handling. We establish a sound after-sales service system, including providing rapid response, return refund and after-sales support, as far as possible to reduce the return of goods procedures, as soon as possible to provide customers with rapid return, exchange methods.