Import Products From China

Import from China

We will find the most suitable suppliers based on your requirement and manage supply chain from collecting samples, testing performance, quality control to International carrier. What’s more, in order to fulfill their business goal for some innovated buyers, we provide ample production technology support to new product development. In addition, we also conduct factory audit, procedure supervision and tripartite trade system, to keep buyers away from frauds and dispute in trade business.

Choose the part of your import business that is in trouble, explore our wide range of uniquely integrated importing solutions, and find the one that will help save your time, resources and money while delivering real operational efficiency.

New products development

Human needs are increasing day by day, and business pioneers are always dedicated to innovative products to meet our expectations of life. China has established a complete industrial chain over half a century. Raw materials, accessories and cheap labor are the basic elements of new product development. We have prepared your new products.

Supplier verification

Trade fraud and disputes come from suppliers’ integrity standards and service systems that have not been verified. We must verify them through registration information, legal status, production sites, and service systems, so that the supplier that ultimately chooses to cooperate can provide complete production capacity. And full service guarantee.

Product purchase

Purchasing products of reliable quality and guaranteed service at competitive prices will become the key to the success of imported product projects. We are good at discovering high-quality suppliers deep in the interior of China. They can provide lower costs away from developed coastal cities. The talent dilemma prevents them from establishing sales teams, and they usually act as suppliers to trading companies.

Quality Control

Ensure that the quality of the product can meet the quality requirements proposed by customers, laws and regulations, such as applicability, reliability, and safety. We establish executable quality inspection programs and cooperate with authoritative inspection companies to perform professional verification of product performance. Storage of samples has ensured consistency with the goods.

Transit warehousing and transportation

Integrate supplier resources, collect products to be transported in transit warehouses, and centrally transport products from the fastest shipping terminals in China, saving transportation costs, shortening voyages, and accelerating cash flow. We have rich domestic and international transportation experience and resources, and can provide customers with economical and feasible international air, sea and rail transportation.

After sales protection

We have perfect protection mechanism to remove the worries for customers to the greatest extent. When a trade fraud or dispute occurs, a professional legal advisory body can act as a client to resolve the problem as soon as possible through arbitration and prosecution in the country to minimize the loss of the client.