Selling Products In China

Export to China

China has been and will continue to be the biggest consumer market in the world. If your products or brands have succeeded in your local market, why don’t you export them to China?

Whether your products were made in China or local specialties in your country, Chinese consumers have strong demand for them with the rapidly growing economy. HiGlobal has made it easier for you. With our support, you can invest in Chinese factories and set up Chinese branches and sell your products on many E-commerce Platforms in China. With the combination of online sales and distributions of multiple channels, you will see great return on your investment  in the largest market of China.

Set up a China Branch

This is the first step for any foreign company to enter into a partnership in China and develop the Chinese market. The free trade zone is an ideal place to set up a branch in China. We are proficient in Sino foreign joint venture laws and policies to help you take the first step to the Chinese market efficiently.

Investment and Investee

The Chinese government is still attracting foreign investment from all over the world. At the same time, small and micro enterprises in China also have the ability and capital to invest abroad. We have rich resources of manufacturers and companies. Investing in companies upstream of the industry will enable you to obtain unique product price competitiveness. At the same time, the upstream companies can also invest in the Chinese branch you set up to gain brand advantage and market share.

Register Trademarks and Patents

Intellectual property protection has become a concern for governments and enterprises all over the world. In order to occupy the Chinese market and apply for Chinese trademark or patent, the illegal competitors should be shut out as soon as possible, so that the innovators can get their own returns and enhance the business value of the enterprise.

Develop e-commerce sales

China’s e-commerce has become one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world, even surpassing Amazon in some aspects. With the popularity of mobile Internet and mobile payment, China has the largest number of online consumers. E-commerce creates miracles every day. We are willing to share these miracles with people around the world who are committed to product sales. This miracle will belong to you.